Training Courses, Skills Workshops & User Training Support Services

Specialized remote, on-site or custom workshops?
We provide IT systems training in small skills-building course workshops, as well as specialized remote, virtual, and on-site business training services. Our certified courses improve user’s skillset’s, and your organization’s productivity and security.

Workshops in Canada

Our workshops take place in various locations within Canada, most often in the Greater Toronto Area. Course and workshop durations are between half-a-day and two-day length, on average.

Virtual Workshops

If you’re outside of Canada, we can deliver our workshops virtually, via live conference and remote access. If this is not suited to your needs, we also offer pre-recorded and reusable training sessions.

On-Site Workshops

We can also deliver our training workshops on-site at your location. If you’re in our primary service area, there’s no additional charge. Otherwise, we charge a small distance dependent fee.

Operating System Usage Training

Productivity and security start with efficient tool usage. We provide operating system usage training, for both beginner and advanced users. Additionally, we provide discounts on successive training courses – letting you progressively enhance your skills without delay.

We’re proud to offer Windows training services for both new and experienced users looking to refine and advance their skills, Mac OS training services and migration support, and even Linux on-the-desktop training courses and workshops.

Business Software & Productivity Training

We provide business productivity training services to increase user competence and efficiency with common business application tooling, such as Microsoft Office. We also provide user security training, and a fast-paced course for entrepreneurs and consultants.

The powerful capabilities of the suite are often out-of-reach to new and experienced users alike. Our Office training courses will step you through the full suite of modern Office tooling, including desktop and online applications.

Operating System Usage Training

Microsoft Windows User Training

Our Windows training services are perfectly suited for users entering the Microsoft ecosystem for the first time, for users looking to embrace the worlds most popular business operating system, or for users looking to refine and advance their skills.

Apple Mac OS User Training

We provide Mac OS training services both for basic and advanced users, as well as users migrating to or from the Windows platform, and other  professionals who don’t want to fall behind the curve, or want to get more from their Apple experience.

GNU/Linux User Training

We’re proud to offer Linux training services. We offer standard training courses on either Ubuntu, Fedora, or OpenSUSE, as well as the ability to develop and deliver custom training courses based on your organizations flavor of choice.

Business Software & Productivity Training

Microsoft Office Training

Increase your competence with the full range of Microsoft Office tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, Publisher, Projects, and Visio.

User Security Awareness Training

User security awareness training is an effective way to minimize digital risk exposure, and discourage potentially risky user behavior that could compromise your security.

IT Tooling For Entrepreneurs

Targeted towards consultants and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a complete introduction to modern Information Technology- from presence, to infrastructure, to security.

We’re able to tailor and customize our training courses, or develop new ones as required, specific to you or your business requirements. We also offer a specialty course targeted towards entrepreneurs, consultants, and small business owners.

IT Tooling For Entrepreneurs

A Small Business & Entrepreneur Exclusive Workshop

Not sure where to get started? Our IT Tooling For Entrepreneurs Workshop is targeted towards consultants, small business owners, and start-up or aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a ‘top-down’ introduction to modern Information Technology- from presence, to infrastructure, to security.

Our workshop will familiarize you with industry terminology, teach you the basics of website & brand presence, data security, computer and network systems, and efficient software selection and usage. We’ll compare common software tooling, best suited applications, drawbacks, and investment requirements- as well as functional free or open-source alternatives.

Business Productivity - Workflow Management35%
Business Productivity - Tooling & Services30%
Data Backup & Security20%
Brand Presence & Marketing15%


Participants also receive 5% off their next service order,
as well as 10% off User Security Awareness Training!

  • Business Branding
  • Website Hosting + Domain Options
  • Website User Analytics
  • Website Security
  • Email Provider Options
  • VPN + Remote Access Options
  • Telephony + VoIP + AutoAttendant Basics
  • Infrastructure Basics (Cloud vs On-Site)
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business + Customer Security
  • Backups – Not An Option!
  • OS Interoperability & Virtualization
  • Industry Technical Data + Software Providers
  • Invoicing + Accounting Software Compare
  • Office + Productivity Software Compare
  • Orders + Logistics Software Compare
  • Office Software Introduction

Tailored Training Solutions

We’re able to tailor and customize our training courses, or develop new ones as required, specific to you or your business requirements. We can also develop and deliver specialty courses targeted towards specific users and teams within your organization. Additionally, we can offer training on specific equipment, business processes, auditing and performance tasks, and other non-technology exclusive scopes of work, that fall within the realm of our business strategy.

Our training solutions can be delivered on-site at your location, off-site in a conference lab, virtually via live meeting, or virtually via pre-recorded and reusable interactive media. Each potential delivery method has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. We can also combine delivery methods, to provide you with a comprehensive, specialized, and reusable training solution.

Contact us today for a quote. Customers with managed support plans receive a discount on specialized training classes, and but will not receive a bulk-seat discount. We reserve the right, unless agreed otherwise, to generalize and redeliver any custom developed training workshops or courses.

Our Workshops - Your Location

All of our workshops can also be performed on-site at your location. If you’re in Toronto, there’s no additional cost! If you’re outside of Toronto, a distance charge may apply. The minimum order requirement for on-site training is a full course – you must purchase all of the seats available. The multi-seat discount and managed support discount still apply.

Custom Training Courses

If you’re looking for user training, but can’t find a specific course that fits your needs and requirements, we can work with you and your organization to develop specialized training solutions tailored to your needs – and deliver them virtually, remotely, or physically – on or off-site. Contact us!

Multiple Participant Discount

Trainees purchasing multiple seats will receive a group discount of 5% on the bulk cost of all training purchased – have a managed support plan? Receive an additional 5% off!

Management & Support Plan Advantage

Customers and clients with a managed support plan receive an additional 5% off on training courses – in addition to the multi seat group discount.

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