Software Developers

Software engineers, design developers, systems programmers, and other hackers, cobblers, and framework builders – same superhero, different hat.

Creative Designers

Great development is second only to great design. Graphic designers, creatives, user interface and experience architects, and market magicians.

Platform Architects

Network engineers, solutions architects, cloud specialists, and deployment engineers, the more, the merrier! We haven’t managed to virtualize them, yet.

System Administrators

Deployment without management? Canvas without paint. Server administrators, Linux specialists, Microsoft and Apple partners, and other solution experts.

Quality Auditors

Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management, Software Assurance and Software Testers. Quality without compromise, divide and conquer.

Support Technicians

Administrative support, Systems Support, Operations Management, System Service and Repair Technicians, or Assemblers – Quick. Quiet. Qualified.


Find out what our team has to say – browse user tips, company news, system update notices, deployment guides, hardware repair, teardowns, and more – on our blog!
News & Updates

You’ll find company news and updates, scheduled maintenance and downtime notifications, upgrade and infrastructure change alerts, new feature releases, partnership announcements, and other market and industry specific information – check out the blog!

User Tips & Deployment Guides

Looking for user tips, security alerts, deployment guides and other documentation you won’t find in the official guides? As we come across interesting configurations, exceptions to common practices, good user practices or misconceptions, we’ll write about it – share the knowledge, share the success!


You won’t find our team hidden behind auto responders and cryptic alerts. If you have someone specific you’re looking to reach out to, or need a direct point of contact, meet our team below:

Adam Del Vecchio

Executive Director

Adam’s been computing for a while now – with 15+ years of programming experience, cloud systems administration, and enterprise domain management, he’s always ready for a challenge.


We work with both employees and independent contractors, to guarantee high quality and best cost.

Most of our staff is directly-employed, working either locally in Toronto, or remotely from their residence. If you invest in your team, your team invests in you. We aim to remunerate our employees and contractors above market expectations, because our expectations are a little higher than the market – we do this without increasing customer costs, by optimizing value and efficiency. We provide flexible work and employment options, and we also maintain a list of approved, audited, or preferred external sub-contractors, with three-fold benefit;  it helps us deliver on customer requirements for best-value, helps customers reduce management overhead by dealing with a common point of contact (us), and helps other contractors and specialists reach a wider audience for zero additional marketing cost – just fill out our form below, and we’ll work with you to get your business on our approved vendors list.

Staff & Employees

Flexible work options (on-site or remote), competitive remuneration, continual skills-development and training options, and a friendly team are what makes FoxTrot a great place to be employed – check out our job opportunities below, but don’t let that limit you – we’re always looking for skilled individuals!

Sub-Contractors & Vendors

Are you looking to reach a wider audience? Do you provide an expert service? Are you spending too much sales time on customer on-boarding? We can help! Send us a copy of your resume or business information, and we’ll work to implement your solutions where they fit our customer requirements.



From conceptual development to implementation, it takes foresight, diligence, and direction. We’re always looking for exceptional or qualified concept and development staff, skilled systems workers, electronics and repair technicians, specialty systems engineers, or OEM equipment repair experts. Whether your formally trained, self-taught, or any variation there of – we think results speak for themselves.



The art of distinguished design, at the summit of function. It’s not just about fit, it’s about finish. Whether it’s product design, user experience, or complete branding solutions, we pride ourselves on our network of exceptional designers. Our customers work diligently to build their organization, we work diligently with top-tier designers to guarantee it gets the recognition and attention it deserves.

Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?

Don’t settle for uncompetitive employment practices, unfair employers, the red-queen corporate ladder, or constantly playing catch-up for overpromised delivery and undercompensated work. Join a team – not a cabal.

Available Job Opportunities


If you’ve got technical expertise, knowledge of computer systems, interpersonal skills and a desire to help others prosper, instructing our training courses might be for you. We deliver training remotely (live), virtually (pre-recorded), or on-site (live) – many options for many trainers. Our current courses are primarily targeted at entry-to-advanced users, focusing on desktop and software usage, security awareness, and productivity. What’s more? We’d be happy to work with you to offer your own idea for a training workshop – or provide one of our workshops in your corner of the world.


  • Develop course and class training plans
  • Deliver course and class training plans on-site and virtually
  • Administer end-of-course tests and remit results
  • Record training sessions for later virtual augmentation and delivery
  • Suggest new training courses with industry appeal
  • Occasionally develop specialized customer training solutions
  • Work with our auditing and service staff to provide added-value

Applicant must have prior experience in some inter-personal capacity, training, instruction, auditing or sales are preferred. You must have a valid driver’s license, pass a background check, have a clear and distinct voice, and should be fond of public speaking. A sense of humour is a bonus, and a good knowledge of computer systems, security, and software is a must. We will train you on our course material prior to any expectation of delivery, of course – skills bootstrapping!

Per course, per hour, per seat, or salary – Negotiable
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Our service and support technicians are the people that keep the wheels rolling – troubleshoot system failures, identify and repair misconfigured and broken equipment, and ensure the quality delivery of our managed service guarantee.


  • Use your computer and technical knowledge to deliver customer support and service
  • Make technical service calls for on-site hardware and software issues
  • Repair component failures in desktops, servers, and portable devices
  • Have a good working knowledge of system and network technologies
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and efficient results
  • Be mindful of physical and virtual security
  • Provide remote customer user support and configuration
  • Troubleshoot Windows, Mac, Linux, and other systems
  • Configure automated system deployment and provisioning

Applicant must have good working knowledge of computer repair, a valid drivers license, and have in-depth knowledge of computing and information technology concepts and technologies- including networking, security, deployment, automation, and storage. Mathematical proficiency and programming experience are also beneficial. Available in-office or remotely.

$50,000 – Negotiable
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Put your systems implementation, cloud deployment, and fancy failover scheming to grand use as one of our network or system administrators. Depending on your preference and skillset, you’ll be in charge of device and server configuration and provisioning, orchestrating remote deployments, implementing security policies, as well as controlling and managing customer networks and systems.


  • Use your network and technical knowledge to build customer solutions and provide service
  • Instruct service and support technicians with on-site requirements
  • Troubleshoot remote system failures and perform remote disaster recovery
  • Have an extensive working knowledge of system and network technologies
  • Deliver exceptional and efficient results
  • Be diligent towards physical and virtual security
  • Provide remote system service, administration and configuration
  • Deploy advanced network architectures and software network systems
  • Monitor system and deployment health
  • Manage customer platforms and systems
  • Be virtualization-versatile – know about: Docker, Kubernetes, Xen, VZ, Linux containers, BSD jails, Windows HyperV, Veeam and VMware
  • Be cloud-versatile – know about: Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, Office 365, Virtualized and Dedicated / Colo offerings, and high availability

Applicant must have extensive knowledge of computer, cloud and network technologies, experience with practical implementation, a valid drivers license, and be familiar with implementation best practices for networking, security, deployment, automation, and storage. Mathematical proficiency and programming experience are also beneficial. Available in-office or remotely.

$65,000 – Negotiable
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If you’re a measure twice – cut once kind of person, we like your style. As a quality and process auditor, you’ll perform independent customer and vendor audits, either in business process and workflow efficiency, or in network system health and device security.


  • Monitor automatic auditing systems
  • Conduct in-depth virtual or on-site audits of customer and vendor facilities
  • Analyze and improve business processes
  • Perform internal auditing and conformance functions i.a.w. regulatory requirements
  • Suggest and summarize potential system improvements
  • Pre-emptively identify potential points of system failure – business or technology
  • Delegate assurance requirements to appropriate staff

Applicant must have prior experience with quality control management systems, quality assurance, or project management. Standard and regulatory approval and certification are beneficial, and a good working knowledge of computers and technology systems is recommended. Mathematical proficiency and programming experience are also beneficial. Available in-office or remotely. A valid driver’s license may be required.

$55,000 – Negotiable
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Actively manage and grow customer and vendor accounts in our industry  service territory as a sales account manager. This will include a large, pre-existing customer, vendor and partner base, and you will work to keep costs competitive and advantageous for both groups. You will be the primary point of contact for vendors and customers, and will be in charge of identifying customer requirements and best-fit solutions, and interfacing with our service and support team.


  • Use your outside sales experience to develop new, exciting business and partner relationships
  • Manage customer accounts and bids
  • Identify each customer’s sales needs to provide real, effective solutions.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Act as a primary Customer and Vendor point of contact
  • Manage orders and purchasing accountability

Applicant must have prior sales experience, a valid drivers license, and have general knowledge of computing and information technology concepts. Mathematical proficiency and productivity software fluency are also beneficial. Available in-office or remotely.

$35,000 + 5% Commission On Profit – Negotiable
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Skilled individual?

If you have skills you think we could benefit from, but don’t see anything relevant (or that you like!) on our opportunities list, don’t hesitate to contact us or submit a resume for general consideration.

White-hat? Red-hat? Grey-hat? Black-hat?

We’re looking for the right people for the right jobs – no holds barred. Unique skillsets are perfectly suited for unique solutions. If you have systems intrusion experience, or other clandestine computer skills – drop us a line.

Apprentice / Interns?

Even if you aren’t yet a systems warrior, if you’re looking to gain some experience in the field, we have apprentice positions available with exposure to a wide range of technical fields, cloud platforms, and device technology.

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Standard Benefits

We offer highly competitive team remuneration, annual profit sharing, paid vacation time, no-hassle sick leave, personal development days, and much more! For the time being, we only employ individuals eligible to work in Canada – otherwise, please request consideration as a contractor.

Employee Benefits & Requirements

  • Continual Improvement & Education Through Training Courses
  • Employee Purchase Advantage
  • Paid Research & Development Time
  • Must Be Legally Able To Work In Canada

  • Must Be Willing & Able To Pass A Background Check

  • Must Undergo User Security Awareness Training

  • Must Be Legally Eligible To Work In Canada

  • May Be Required To Undergo Other Industry Training or Certification

Contractor Benefits & Requirements

  • Larger Customer Audience Exposure

  • Partner Purchase Advantage

  • Skills Expansion & Support Diversification

  • Canadian Registered Business or Sole Proprietor

  • American Residents & Businesses

  • Must Have A Canadian Tax Registration Number

  • May Be Required to Perform Facility / Network Infrastructure Audits (no-cost)

  • May Be Required to Complete Regulatory Training or Certification (no-cost)