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Effective and reliable IT service and support solutions, auditing, user training, infrastructure management and implementation services – for both cloud and on-site systems. We offer comprehensive managed support plans, including device repair and continuous hardware updates, to provide your business with complete and reliable IT solutions.


FoxTrot Works is a Canadian (Toronto) based provider of IT support, systems service, and managed solutions, founded on a premise of co-market advantage and end-user single-source delivery. Our company provides computer / network maintenance, repair and management; software and infrastructure development and deployment solutions; and user support, auditing and training. We employ a roster of versatile and creative developers and administrators, and work with an exclusive network of preferred partners and subcontractors – to provide our customers with a quality full-service guarantee. Our team is ready to handle your cloud migrations, bare-metal site deployments, software procurement and development, user support and training, and organizational endpoint delivery and security needs.


We capitalize on our position as an end-user and mid-level provider to deliver superior and efficient cloud, remote, and on-site service and solutions, selecting solution components from partners that meet project requirements most appropriately. This allows us to pass these cost and time savings through to our customers- increasing throughput while decreasing the bottom line. That’s just good business.

Customer Advantage

Information Technology proliferation benefits from a low cost-of-entry – our advantage, your advantage.

Our customers enjoy the full benefit of our strategic partner network, including competitive services, solutions, and equipment costs, diverse support and equipment availability, a green IT policy and lower carbon footprint, decreased management and administration overhead, increased system reliability, our expert team of dedicated staff, and an exhaustive list of audited alternate contractors and providers.

Mission Statement

Quality without compromise. Suitability without excess.
Support without surprise.

Our mission is to unify and simplify your technology experience, provide the best value-for-cost customer solutions – in collaboration with performance-leading partners and providers, and develop and promote efficient and secure IT practices within your organization. We develop, deploy, and support highly-available technology and infrastructure solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Business Strategy

Comprehensive support, service and system solutions, for reliable, efficient and performant I.T. outsourcing.

Our strategy primarily consists of procurement, development, and support. Our team works hard to find industry and performance leading service providers, and works to identify the discrete advantages and core competency of potentially marketable products. Once we’re familiar with the benefits and intricacies of a given product, we integrate those offerings where indicated by customer requirements, or into our own set of service and support offerings, by adding customized or specialty value added services including development, deployment, or migration options, or by offering the core service as a platform tool.

Our development services include custom business application software, business intelligence and telemetry solutions, specialty physical equipment systems and software, cloud hosting and migration solutions, high availability and multi-site infrastructure architecture, and web, brand and email development services. In tandem with our procured offerings, our development services allow us to deliver complete customer solutions for a wide array of IT challenges, all under one umbrella of operations, and with a central customer point of contact.

Our support services are the natural extension of our procurement and development services. Once a platform solution has been procured and developed to deployment, it must be supported – both in terms of continual maintenance, and end-user assistance. In pursuit of this goal, we offer managed support services, including on-site and remote user assistance, web and email presence and security management, on-site and remote device maintenance and repair, network and infrastructure health and security auditing, end-user training services, and infrastructure management services including site relocation, cabling assistance, and remote site deployment and monitoring, as necessitated by customer requirements.


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Environment Policy

Efficient resource utilization in the short-term directly leads to decreased long-term costs – and a lower carbon footprint.

We believe that a green policy can lead to strategic cost-savings, long-term deployment resiliency, and of course, a lower carbon footprint for our customers. It starts with sourcing – where we find the most efficient and scalable solutions for your business needs. It continues with our equipment buyback program, where we exchange inefficient, inappropriate, or superseded equipment while providing customers a market-competitive rebate amount.

Our standard techniques for infrastructure deployment include environmentally-assistive design, such as configuring and planning intensive system tasks at off-load times, when electricity costs are less and systems are likely not to serving users, implementing workload-responsive resource scaling, decreasing total system overhead, and ensuring clean physical environment design and operation practices, to mitigate dust buildup and thermal inefficiency.

We also provide extended support for equipment that is fit for function, but prematurely obsoleted by the manufacturer, or otherwise at risk of support or repair obsolescence. For our managed support plan customers, we provide a continuous hardware upgrade tract, ensuring the equipment your business utilizes is the most appropriate, the most efficient, and the most cost-effective. Finally, we retail newly refurbished equipment when appropriate, with zero markup and at the customers choice; this can often significantly decrease capital and overhead costs for your new project or organization, as well as reduce the usage of nonrenewable resources used in computer equipment – such as rare Earth metals, fossil fuels, and helium.


Markets We Serve

Our services aren’t just for the enterprise market. We serve small business, consultants, and home office users as well.

Home & Small Office

Get service and support for your home or small business network or devices. Plus, our managed support plans can include home network and personal device support for executives or other users.

Small & Medium Business

Whether you’re looking to have a specific computer or IT problem solved,  need a dedicated management team, or just need a quick-fix, our services are perfectly paired with small and medium business.

Corporate & Enterprise

Our consulting and support services can provide your enterprise with operations and financial security, stability, and piece of mind. Outsource your IT department – focus on your business, while we focus on the screen.

Industries We Support

Aerospace & Aviation

Aerospace & Aviation

Including regional + national airlines, approved maintenance and repair organizations, composite structure manufacturers, and related.



Including engineering design, architecture, consulting and development firms, research and development labs, prototyping facilities, and related scope.

Manufacturing & Repair

Manufacturing & Repair

Including repair workshops, general contractors, fabricators and machinists, factory mass production facilities, and related industry.

Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics

Including warehouses, shipping courier endpoints, last mile delivery agents, and logistics providers- get help with remote site telemetry, asset tracking, and site security.



Including public and private school boards, education institutions, training and learning centers, professional development, and related.

Commerce & Retail

Commerce & Retail

Including retail establishments, restaurants, service providers, ebusiness or online stores, mobile contractors, consultants, and related business scopes.

Travel / Hospitality

Travel / Hospitality

Including hotels, motels, accommodations and service stations, asset rental and sales dealerships, and related service business industries.

Real Estate / Legal

Real Estate / Legal

Including real estate, legal, government public and private contractors, professional firms, financial investment services institutions, and related.

Design / Development

Design / Development

Including web, brand, software and application design and development firms, business auditors, management firms, and related business scope.

Sole Proprietors

Sole Proprietors

Including consultants, professionals, and other individual-service providers who are self employed or operate a small business.

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Partners & Providers

We work closely with an extensive network of upstream vendors, providers and partners. This allows us to provide specialized and tailored customer solutions that exceed operational goals and optimize budgetary requirements.
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Certification, Accreditation, & Recognition

Our staff is comprised of a diverse collection of multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary experts, so we’re always ready to provide solutions for the unique requirements your project may face.
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