REMOTE SITE SUPPORT SITE SENSING, MONITORING, & TELEMETRY We can support and maintain remote site installations and infrastructure,
as well as develop custom site sensing and telemetry tooling.
Critical site assurance without leaving your desk.
Leave the monitoring, maintenance, and support to us.
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Managed Support + Service Plans
REMOTE USER ASSISTANCE Businesses are increasingly utilizing remote workers and staff.
Work from anywhere - support to anywhere.

Utilizing industry-leading remote management, monitoring, and support software, we're able to provide real-time and non-intrusive user support, hands-free and worldwide.
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Looking for direct computer service and support?
We provide IT support services remotely or on-site at your location – including user and systems support, hardware repair, software configuration, backup and recovery, device maintenance, specialized systems troubleshooting, network service restoration, failure diagnosis, and developer operations support. We also offer managed support plans, bundling various tiers of our service offerings for an advantageous discount and priority support.


Get back to business straight-away, and without delay. We provide on-demand and à la carte computer systems repair, maintenance, configuration and deployment services, to provide one-stop comprehensive solutions for our customers and their projects. If you’re a new customer, we’re glad you’ve found us – we can get you back online, for longer, and for less – send us any competitors quote, and we’ll do our best to match it.

Equipment & Device Repair

Personal Computer
Hardware Repair

Don’t let hardware failure stop you – we can repair, replace and upgrade your computer parts including hard drives, system memory, processors and graphics cards, including water cooled systems.

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Server & Equipment
Hardware Repair

We offer computer and device repair and maintenance services, including backup and recovery, hardware replacement, raid array recovery, custom server builds, and system redeployment.

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Automated Backups

Get peace of mind with automated backups and verified disaster recovery. We can also help you recover from an unexpected failure, or retrieve and restore data from a previous backup.

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Mobile Device Hardware Repair

For our managed support plan customers, we also offer employee mobile device repair and support – to fix broken screens, broken peripheral devices, recover lost data, or migrate to a new device.

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Site Infrastructure & Network Cabling

Home & Office
Network Cabling

Deploying new site infrastructure, building a home office or theatre, starting a business, or just relocating to a new facility? Let us help architect and deploy your site cabling solution.

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Wifi Hotspot
Wireless Mesh

Need custom wifi hotspot solutions? We can implement guest hotspot systems, secure shared wifi access, corporate mesh wireless solutions, and temporary internet solutions for events.

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Specialized Process
Equipment Systems

Your business has unique systems requirements, and were here to support them. From industrial control equipment, to process monitoring and security, we can help.

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Systems Administration & Management

VoIP & Business PBX
Telephony Administration

We can deploy versatile VoIP and on-site (POTS) PBX telephony solutions including mobile cellular roaming, video calling, virtual attendants, and virtual business call center.

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Linux & Windows
Server Administration

We’re experts with Linux and Windows system administration. We pride ourselves on precisely meeting customer requirements and best-practice industry reccomendations.

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Cloud & Web / Website
Server Administration

We also provide comprehensive cloud and web support services, including website and hosting management, email management, and cloud systems migration and deployment.

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Systems Auditing & Quality Assurance

Software Assurance
Testing Campaigns

Software assurance testing improves the final quality of your product without using the public as a test platform. We perform application testing on real devices, while filing useful and complete bug reports.

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Phishing & Security
Testing Campaigns

We can perform targeted phishing, intrusion, and social engineering campaigns directed towards your organizations staff – including recommendations for fortification.

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Devices & Systems
Security Auditing

Don’t risk compromise of your business via overlooked hardware and software configurations, exploited software, service gap exposures, or outdated implementations.

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Managed Support Plans

Our managed support plans give customers an opportunity to distribute and decrease the costs associated with computer service and support. We provide various tiers of managed support, comprehensively including various services and value-added benefits for one consistent, expected, and competitive monthly cost. What’s more? We offer a 5% discount if you pre-pay any managed support plan for the quarter. Now that’s good value.

Web & Email

Our web & email management plan includes comprehensive administration of your online presence including website, domain, and user mailbox (email) management.

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User & System

Our user & systems management plan includes remote management and support of your organizations user’s and computer systems – including servers, workstations, and devices.

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Site & Network

Our on-site network service and support management plan includes on-site management, maintenance, and administration of your business systems, network and users.

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Remote User Assistance

Our remote assistance options enable us to react quickly and concisely to your support demands, without waiting for a technician to arrive on-site. We can complete most maintenance tasks entirely remotely.

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We provide unique inclusive support and service options for vintage or antiquated business equipment you may still have in use, as well as provide upgrade and continuance options to ensure a straightforward transition to a modern replacement.

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Our managed support plan customers benefit from priority service and support, which can include same or next-day repair services, as well as overnight options to minimize interruption to your staff during working hours.

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Site Power & Network Cabling

Deploying new site infrastructure, starting a business, or just relocation to a new facility? Let us help architect and deploy your site cabling solution – we can setup power delivery and conditioning, access control, cameras, and monitoring, build server rooms and integrated office data centers, run and pull cable for network and telephony services, build high-availability ingress and egress LAN/ WAN and internet solutions, and design video and media conference rooms.

Systems Repair & Maintenance

Our systems repair and maintenance services will ensure you get the best value out of your equipment – without delay. Don’t face the dilemma of buying new or waiting for repair, keep your capital costs low with versatile on-site repair options to keep your business hardware up-and-running. We provide computer, laptop, notebook, server, network equipment, printer, and mobile device repair services through our on-site fix-it technicians.

User Software Support

Your users shouldn’t have to work around software misconfigurations or errata. Let us configure your systems and software so it works reliably for your business, for the long term. We follow industry-standard strategies for assuring cross-compatibility between systems, and have the resources required to adapt and integrate independent software, or develop custom adaptability and abstraction layers. We also provide user training services to ensure your staff are able to use your business software efficiently and effectively.

Computer problems? Do you need maintenance, repair, or support?



Remote Site Support & Sensing

Critical site assurance without leaving your desk – leave the monitoring, maintenance, and support to us. We develop, maintain and deploy remote sensing telemetry solutions for remote or off-grid sites and business equipment.

We can monitor and maintain remote infrastructure systems, design monitoring and analytics dashboards and data collection equipment, secure your business telemetry and control networks and guarantee their protection against attack, as well as much more.

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Looking for assurance and auditing support?

Developer Operations Support

If your development operations are cutting into your development productivity – we can help. We can manage and support design consultants and development agencies, including repository and infrastructure management, managed hosting, managed email and spam control, software assurance, and more. We also provide products for developers to support their customers – including reseller hosting solutions, private cloud infrastructure, and application platforms.
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