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If you’re looking to get in touch with a member of our team, would like more information, have a general inquiry, need a quote as a new potential customer, wish to have someone contact you to discuss your requirements in detail, or need to report a violation of our terms or network abuse, please use the form below. For directed inquiries, our company contact directory can be found below.

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If you’d prefer, you can give us a call, email us directly, or contact us via social media. Afterhours support is available to business customers with a managed support plan, for more information, see our support plans. To report network downtime at any time, please press star at the main menu.

1 888 926 WRKS

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Service Terms & Policies

For copies of our customer terms, including our acceptable use policy, support level agreements, data privacy policy, and related, please see our terms and policies page.

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If you are a business customer requiring copies of your invoices, they may be found within our billing portal. If you are a first time user, please contact us.

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We’re always looking for intuitive and committed individuals to join our team, as local or remote staff. Or, if you’re a contractor, submit your contact information to our vendor roster, and benefit from a larger customer audience with zero overhead.

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Found A Bug?

Have you found a system or application bug, vulnerability, or potential misconfiguration? Submit your findings to our development team, so we can get to work implementing a solution. As a bonus, if your findings are valid, we’ll reward you with a bug bounty.

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If you’re looking for help with a specific subject, or wish to directly contact one of our operations teams, the table below lists appropriate points of contact for specific topics and departments.

Contact Email Phone
Service & Support [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
press 1
Orders & Sales [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
press 2
Billing & Accounts [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
press 3
General Inquiry [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
press 0
Outage Reporting [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
press *
Development Team [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
extension 5100
Network Operations [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
extension 5100
Payment Advice [email protected] > 1 (888) 926-9757
extension 5300

Service Areas

We primarily provide on-site maintenance, repair, support, and service to organizations and individuals located in the Greater Toronto Area, and throughout the Southern Ontario Region of Canada. For businesses and customers located outside of our primary service area, we offer remote services and solutions, or on-site support through an approved partner. Our infrastructure and cloud services, products and solutions are available worldwide.

  • Toronto + York Region
  • Mississauga + Peel Region
  • Hamilton + Niagara Region
  • Kitchener / Waterloo Region

  • Vaughan + Simcoe Region
  • Markham + Durham Region
  • Northumberland Region
  • Barrie + Orillia Region

  • Kawartha Lakes Region
  • Wasaga + Muskoka Region
  • London + Ingersoll Region
  • Nobleton + King Region

  • Ottawa Region
  • Peterborough Region
  • Georgian Bay Region
  • Kingston Region

On-Site Support

Maintenance, Support, Service & Repair –
On-Site At Your Location

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User Support

Virtual, In-Person, Standard & Specialized –
User Support + Staff IT Training

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Remote Support

Configuration, Updates, Maintenance, & Assistance –
Site Service Call Not Required

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Primary Service Area

Toronto + Southern Ontario Region

Our primary service area includes everything within a 250km range of the Greater Toronto Area. We can provide on-site next-day (and sometimes same-day) support to locations within this region, as well as our full range of service offerings and business solutions.

Regional Service Area

Canada + Northern Ontario Region

Our regional service area includes Canada and the rest of the Ontario region. We can support organizations with remote sites located throughout Canada, and multi-site organizations headquartered within Canada. Site service times vary based on location, but are usually within five business days.

Extended Service Area

United States + North America Region

Our extended service area includes the U.S.A. and North America. We can support single or multi-site international or domestic organizations operating within Canada. Site service within the United States is provided through an accredited and audited subcontractor.

Worldwide Service Area

International – Outside North America

Our worldwide service area includes all worldwide regions not regulated for export from Canada or the United States. We can provide highly-available, internationally available and dispersed cloud platform and product solutions for organizations operating at global scale. We can ship provisioned hardware directly to your international end-users.

Looking for IT services and support for your business?

Customer Reviews

As my small business grew, it was becoming an increasing burden for me to continue to juggle the various services and providers I was using to support the computer systems. FoxTrot redeployed our network with no downtime, and built us a hybrid email solution. We've even got monthly support now, and I don't worry about downtime, or having my staff wait for 'The IT guy' to come in. Honestly, it's noticeably cheaper, too, which is remarkable. You're not going to put that part on the website are you?- Managed Support Customer
My Macbook needed to be reset and reconfigured after an unexpected hard drive failure, and I needed it for a presentation at work the next afternoon. FoxTrot was able to send out a service technician the same day- and a few hours later, it was like nothing had ever happened. I was even able to add some last-minute finishing touches to my presentation!- Maintenance Services Customer
I store a lot of RAW format pictures, and I was looking for a way to sync my collection quickly and securely without incurring any significant overhead. After contacting FoxTrot Works, I was shortly up and running with a personalized client portal, and business email as well!- Cloud Services Customer
When we moved offices, we didn't think to label which computer was which... that turned into a giant problem when we moved to an open office concept at our new location. Everyone lost their files and settings, and could only login certain places, it was a mess. We called FoxTrot hoping for some help, and within two days, they had our computers configured exactly how we intended!- Maintenance Services Customer
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