FoxTrot Works developed the Twii mobile application and website, along with the core platform and system infrastructure.

From the Twii website –

Twii.Club (or, Twii) is an application to meet new people who you’re compatible with. You can use Twii to find new friends while travelling, find romance at home, or find the kind of people you’re looking for, wherever you are. Twii is different than other dating applications- Firstly, it’s not designed around turning the user into the product. We take pride in user privacy and security, and do not sell your data. Secondly, Twii isn’t pay to play. The core functionality of our platform is not hindered for free users. Thirdly, Twii isn’t finding the fish in the sea one drop at a time. We let users sort and filter their potential matches, so you can sift through the salt in advance, and see potential you’d really be interested in. Credits are only used to enhance app functionality, such as requiring you to match-first, to message or notify an unmatched user, or to view a specific user not included in your results. While we do run ads, they’re limited only to our desktop application. If you use Twii on your smartphone, you don’t see ads. Ready to sign up? You can register online, but you’ll need to verify your phone number, so make sure to have your mobile phone ready. You can also download Twii for your device and register an account from your smartphone.

The Twii application has not yet been made available to the public.

  • Client Twii Club
  • Date 1 June 2020
  • Tags Applications & Software
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