Fault Codes

Fault Codes

From the Fault Codes website-

Have you figured out how to fix something? Do you have now-obsolete or antiquated O.E.M. data this is still of use? Are you a ‘repair guru’ who has written a novella or two worth of automotive forum guides, How-To’s, and DIY’s? Are you a veteran of your industry, looking to share and preserve your knowledge with a larger audience? Do you have the obscure solution for a common fault, or the common solution for an obscure fault? Or otherwise something you can provide?

We want you! The Fault Codes Project is entirely community-driven. We’re always looking for people like you to add knowledge to the database, clarify and categorize existing content, and show off their one-of-a-kind projects on our blog. Create a wiki account ; Create a blog account ; or Get In Touch to learn more !

We thought up the Fault Codes project as a way to return some of our hobbyist knowledge to the community. We often require antiquated and hard-to-find schematics, diagrams, and other technical information, and this in turn leads us to have a large collection of now antiquated but sometimes critical information. Where licensing permits, we share these resources with the community via the Fault Codes project.

A simple blog-based news website with open user registration, security monitoring and audits, and a backend file server with automatic backups accomplishes the project goal neatly and automatically.

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  • Date 17 January 2020
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