Network Systems Security Auditing & Business Process Quality Assurance


Comprehensive network and infrastructure health and security auditing; from user and implementation best-practices, to exposure and attack-surface identification, and complete through to fortification and mitigation, we provide a complete set of solutions to ensure the integrity of your business systems. We provide InfoTech and NetSec auditing, compliance assurance, attack surface inspection, user security campaigns, business process and quality control auditing, and disaster recovery planning.

Network Security100%
Attack Surface Control100%
Upgrade Readiness & Systems Resilience100%
Process Efficiency100%
Software Assurance100%


Network security auditing is paramount to business security. Guarantee your systems can’t be compromised – from any attack vector.

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Our managed support plans include various pro bono auditing services, including network security auditing, disaster recovery assurance, and more.

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Business process verification and assurance services let your organization operate more productively and stay ready to serve your customers.

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Certified Quality Assurance Services

What we do

Software Testing

Software assurance testing improves the final quality of your product without using the public as a test platform. We can perform real-world application testing on real devices, while filing useful and complete developer bug reports.

System Health + Site Security

Get a summary of potential paths-to-exploit for your organizations systems. We look at system configuration health, consistency and upgrade currency, as well as security policy, applicable exploits, and more.

Phishing Campaigns

We can perform targeted phishing, intrusion, and social engineering campaigns directed towards your organizations staff – with a follow-up analysis report including recommendations for fortification, and user training services.

Network Security Auditing

Security through obscurity – it doesn’t exist. Don’t rely on not being found as your core security strategy. Instead, secure your systems against malicious actors – before your business is marked, exploited, and compromised.

Our auditing services include full-scale and comprehensive network and infrastructure health and security auditing. From user and implementation best-practices, to exposure and attack-surface identification, and complete through to fortification and mitigation, we provide a complete set of solutions to ensure the integrity of your business systems.

Overlooked hardware and software configurations, exploited software (whether out of date or not), service gap exposures, ‘easy method’ implementations, or subpar user training can lead to your business being compromised – whether via ransomware, directed attack, denial of service, or other avenues. With port scanning tools, scripting software, and distributed hacking groups becoming more prolific, and state actors taking a frontline stance to security compromise, it’s time you took a frontline stance on security assurance and enforcement. Our insight and knowledge lets your business stay a step ahead.

We often find that InfoTech teams take a test-pilot approach to production systems implementation, leaving security and resiliency as an afterthought. This is the result of high systems turnover and a quantity-based approach. Our strategy instead focuses on resiliency and conformance, allowing for systems scalability without increasing your exposure to compromise or failure.

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Has your website been compromised?


Is your web, site and cloud infrastructure protected from attack?
Does your business email system implement
anti-spam and anti-spoof best-practices?
Are malicious actors sending spam or bulk mail on your behalf?

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Disaster Recovery & System Resiliency

If disaster strikes, what’s your plan? Will your business systems stay available in the event of hardware failure, malicious action, or catastrophe? We can audit your network and systems resiliency to compromise, failure, and fraud. After identifying potential points of failure, we can help your organization develop and implement a protection plan, including automated triple-tier (3-2-1 rule: 3 data copies, on 2 different medias, 1 of which is off-site) backups, with completion and recovery capability validation, off-continent, off-country or out-of-band storage.

We don’t just setup backups – we test recovery. The worst time to find out your recovery plan is ineffective is when you need it most. Show confidence in the face of failure.

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Free Web & Email Security Audit

Our web & email security audit will look for potential domain or hosting misconfigurations, website attack surface exploitability, website SSL and caching configuration, vulnerability to DDoS or cache-poison attacks, email SPF and DKIM compliance, and mail server redundancy and security.

How secure is your online business presence?


  • Nameserver Security
  • Domain Who-Is Contact
  • DNS Nameserver Consistency
  • Web Security / SSL + Caching
  • Mail Server Failover + Security
  • Email DKIM + SPF Configuration

Security & Phishing Campaigns

We can plan, deploy, and execute user security, business integrity, and targeted phishing campaigns. We provide highly targeted and personalized campaigns and intrusion testing services, with a detailed summary of our findings, along with recommendations to improve your user and system security.

Our campaigns can be performed traditionally via email or target-URL, as well as socially including through social media, phone requests, and even physical mail – mailed fake invoices and spoofed demands are often overlooked avenues of fiscal compromise.

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Custom auditing services or process verification?

Quality Assurance

Organization Process Auditing & Labour Support Services

Is your business in need of external certified auditors for an internal process or compliance audit?

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